It all started with a plastic bin on the front porch of Cy DeBoer’s home in Littleton.

DeBoer was involved with a non-profit called The Gathering Place, a daytime shelter for homeless women and children. DeBoer and her family asked friends and neighbors to place items from the organization’s needs list into the bin.

The concept worked, and when the DeBoers moved to Texas in the late 1990s, they started the bin project on a larger scale to benefit a battered women’s shelter.

Returning to Colorado after two years in Texas, the DeBoers became involved with the non profit There With Care, and in April of 2015, a group of friends gathered at DeBoer’s house and discussed starting Bin Blessed to help There With Care and the families of critically ill children they serve. They began with a few bins in Castle Pines, and thanks to postings on Next Door, word of mouth and some dedicated women reaching out to friends and family, Bin Blessed has over 100 people and 40 bin locations throughout the metro area involved in the effort.

Bin Blessed

The organization has donated about $160,000 worth of goods and services over the last two years to There With Care, a non-profit that provides support to families whose children are being treated at 17 hospitals and medical facilities across the state.

“There’s not one thing that comes into our bins that isn’t being used by a family within a week or two,” DeBoer said. “One gentleman and his wife provide over $200 a month in diapers — babies on chemo require three times as many diapers. It’s all out of people’s kindness.”

Each month, Bin Blessed emails There With Care’s wish list to friends and neighbors and put a bright green collection bin on the front porch for one week to receive donations. The bins are delivered to There With Care and help supplement items needed for weekly deliveries to families.

In addition to food, baby items and thousands of diapers and wipes, donations also have included Halloween costumes, Mother’s Day bags, Father’s Day bags, back-to-school backpacks and non-perishable grocery items.

“We put out the green bins and share our blessings,” said DeBoer, who calls the volunteers Bin Babes. “People are generous and want to give. Bin Blessed makes it simple.”

Bin Babes and friends meet from 3:30pm to 5:30 pm the first Monday of every month at Pino’s in Castle Pines North.

For a complete list of items needed and specific bin locations, visit Bin Blessed. Click here to learn more about There With Care.