There’s a new place to play in Federal Heights!

The 81-acre park, nick-named a “destination playground,” will include creative play areas for kids ages 2 to 5, pedestrian trails and an adult exercise station with nine workout challenges.

Clear Creek Valley Park at 5900 Tennyson St. in Adams County also has a parking lot for more than 200 vehicles, a large 24-plot community garden and multi-use sports fields. Two catch-and-release fishing ponds will be stocked for sport.

The playground features a climbing tree house with the whimsical animal features of a fox, turtle, frogs and butterflies. In keeping with the agricultural history of the area, the playground also offers a celery-shaped slide, a carrot bench, large pepper pod seating areas, a giant watering-can playhouse, water play area with hand pumps and check dams, diversion troughs and a zip line. The playground’s traditional features include sand boxes, swings and a spinner.




A summertime public “hot dog day” in the park is scheduled for June.