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Known for its ranchland and Western-Victorian downtown area, Parker continues to be a thriving Colorado community, where people can escape the hustle and bustle of the city and relax to the sounds of wildlife while watching the sunset over the distant Rocky Mountains.   

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18801 E. Mainstreet, Suite 250
Parker, CO 80134
Phone: 303.841.5263
Fax: 303.841.9577
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Fun Facts

  • The first residents of Parker were prehistoric tribes, including the Plains-Woodland Indians.
  • When gold was discovered in Colorado in 1858, more than 100,000 people from the east followed the trails running through Parker (including the Cherokee Trail) in search of their fortune.
  • Former White House Press Secretary and political commentator Dana Perino is from Parker.
  • Parker was selected as one of America’s “Best Small Towns” by Money Magazine in its “Best Places to Live” issue.
  • Due to a large deer population, the residents of Parker are provided with tips on “living with deer” on the Town of Parker website..

Living in Parker

Parker hosts numerous community events, including a Brass Band Festival, the Parker Days Festival, Mayor’s Fitness Challenge, Princess Ball, Independence Day celebrations, all of which bring the town together and enhance the small town feel that the people who live here take great pride in.

The town’s Main Street is a popular destination for shopping and dining, with a mix of classic Victorian architecture complemented by modern structures.  With a large park and recreation area next to Main Street, summer days are filled with families enjoying all that Main Street and the downtown area has to offer.

Among the town’s many sources of pride is the Parker Arts, Culture and Events Center (PACE), a state of the art facility that hosts the best touring acts from across the nation, as well as local performances, exhibits and educational programs.  The Main Street Center and Ruth Memorial Chapel are also important community gathering places.

As far as the “great outdoors”, Parker has approximately 250 acres of parkland and more than 900 acres of open space, with an expansive trail system.  Parker is also a great place for hiking, biking, camping, golfing and fishing, as well as all types of recreational programs and activities for children and their parents.

Served by the highly regarded Douglas County School District, and with new home development underway, Parker provides a perfect setting for families who want to experience a rural Colorado lifestyle, that isn’t too far removed from the metro area.

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