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Welcome to Fort Collins

Money Magazine has consistently named Fort Collins as among the nation’s “Best Places to Live”, and rightfully so.  Few cities or towns across the nation match the community-feel and neighborly-charm of this northern Colorado city, which is home to Colorado State University and a gateway to many of the state’s still secluded camping, fishing, hiking and hunting grounds. 

Office Locations in the Community

2580 E Harmony Ft.
Collins, CO 80526
Phone: 970.223.2300
Fax: 970.267.7360
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100 West 29th Street
Loveland, CO 80538
Phone: 970.667.2707
Fax: 970.667.6778
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Fun Facts

  • Fort Collins was founded as a military outpost of the United States Army in 1864.
  • The 1880s saw the construction of a number of elegant homes and commercial buildings and the growth of a distinctive identity for Fort Collins. Stone quarrying, sugar-beet farming, and the slaughter of sheep were among the area’s earliest industries.
  • Geographic landmarks include Horsetooth Reservoir and Horsetooth Mountain—so named because of a tooth-shaped granite rock that dominates the city’s western skyline.
  • The city experiences lots of sunshine, with 300 days of sunshine per year.
  • The city’s thriving beer culture supports many microbreweries: the New Belgium Brewing Company, the Odell Brewing Company, the Fort Collins Brewery, Equinox Brewing, Funkwerks, Pateros Creek Brewing Company, and 1933 Brewing. New Belgium is the largest of the local craft-breweries, with national distribution from California to states east of the Mississippi.

Living in Fort Collins

Unlike the Central Rockies (west of Denver), the northern Rocky Mountain Region (west of Fort Collins) maintains a mysterious allure. The city of Fort Collins itself has become a tremendously successful urban center, where businesses flourish and neighborhoods thrive.  Fort Collins’ economy has a mix of manufacturing and service-related businesses. The city’s manufacturing includes Woodward Governor, Anheuser-Busch, and Otterbox.

Many high-tech companies have relocated to Fort Collins because of the resources of Colorado State University and its research facilities. Hewlett Packard, Intel, AMD, Avago, Beckman Coulter, National Semiconductor, LSI, Rubicon Water and Pelco all have offices in Fort Collins. Other industries include clean energy, bioscience, and agri-tech businesses.

Mature trees and wide sidewalks line the streets of the city’s comfortable neighborhoods, where children ride bikes, lawns are manicured, and multiple generations of friends and families continue to share in the community spirit that defines Fort Collins.

Whether a person prefers to stroll through the downtown area, and enjoy the restaurants, entertainment or other “small-city” venues, or head into the starry-skies to the west,  Fort Collins provides everything a person’s heart might desire.

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