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There are few cities anywhere in the nation that capture the fascination of Boulder, Colorado.  With the regal and symbolic Flatirons hovering high above the city, combined with the energy and optimism of the University of Colorado campus and its student body, Boulder has become a utopia to many.  In fact, this intriguing town has been dubbed as “the city nestled between the mountains and reality.” 

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Fun Facts

  • Among 14 comparable cities, Boulder ranks no.1 in people who walk to work, work at home and drive with more than one person in the car.
  • Bicycling is so highly regarded in Boulder that sometimes the city plows the Boulder Creek bike path before they plow the streets.
  • Boulder’s Third Flatiron towers 1,400 feet high, a few hundred feet higher than the Empire State Building, and has been climbed by people without using their hands, on roller skates, naked and in 8 minutes (by separate climbers).
  • The Chautauqua Auditorium is an all-wood structure built in 1898. In the evening, when the Colorado Music Festival musicians stop playing, you can often hear the rafters-dwelling owls hooting along with the music.
  • Robert Redford was a janitor at the restaurant The Sink, before his famed acting career.

Living in Boulder

Located in a broad valley set against the eastern slope of the Rockies, Boulder does seem to be a world apart. Its pioneering Open Space and Mountain Parks Department manages tens of thousands of acres of public land that is laced with recreational trails. But Boulder is more than just a pretty face. It’s also about 100,000 residents who are among the best educated, fittest and most politically progressive in the country.

The Pearl Street Mall, one of the country’s first pedestrian malls, is the …See More centerpiece of downtown, lined with unique, locally owned shops and restaurants. Just a few blocks away is the main campus of the University of Colorado. Some 30,000 students provide Boulder with a brainy overlay of youthful energy, enthusiasm and great nightlife. The city is empathetically and emphatically green. Boulderites embrace alternative energy, alternative transportation, conservation and recycling. The climate for entrepreneurship is favorable, as well, where more than 40 percent of Colorado’s venture capital has helped fund Boulder start-ups. Innovation and energy are also effervescent. It seems as if everyone in town finds time to run, cycle, hike, climb and work out in the city’s several public and private health clubs. Scenic splendor and outdoor recreational opportunities of Rocky Mountain National Park and the Indian Peaks Wilderness are within an hour’s drive.

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