It’s no secret that finding a restaurant where you can take your dog is a challenge – even if it restricts you and your pooch to sit outside.

But for people living or passing through Colorado Springs, there’s Pub Dog. The recently opened restaurant at 2207 Bott Ave. is the first and only restaurant in the state that allows patrons to dine indoors with their dogs.

The new restaurant and bar houses two separate dining experiences with the large dining hall seating 48 people without their dogs and the dog dining part of the restaurant seating 34 people with their dogs. Pub Dog also has a 1,300-square-foot, south-facing patio area that accommodates another 60 people and their dogs.

In the summer, existing trees and a large shade sail will help keep the patio comfortable for the dogs and their humans. And there’s a bonus! Pub Dog provides a 3,000-square-foot fully fenced off-leash area where your dog can safely socialize with other dogs while you enjoy a bite to eat and a craft beer.

The menu includes appetizers, salads, sandwiches and pizzas. There’s even a doggie menu that has Pupsicles, bacon, dog bones, chicken breast soup and celery and carrots.