“Do unto others, as you would have others do unto you.” That’s the Golden Rule Dan DeBacco lives by – and real estate is no exception. For over 10 years, the Ohio native has followed this simple business philosophy when providing service to clients and stakeholders – and it’s pretty obvious the rule has served him well.

Based out of the Coldwell Banker Devonshire Cherry Creek office, Dan works with a variety of clients in the Denver area to help them buy or sell properties in this dynamic marketplace. His 10 years of business management and consultative sales experience allow him to negotiate deals and provide advice to best benefit his clients and help them achieve their real estate dreams.

Dan’s commitment to providing exceptional real estate service to the Denver community is what has made him a known and successful professional in the field – and his work is being recognized.

He was recently awarded the prestigious Coldwell Banker Colorado Rising Star Award for most units closed in the company in 2016 and was also awarded the company’s International Sterling Society designation.

We recently caught up with Dan to learn what makes him so successful in the real estate industry and what his life is like outside of the office.

Congratulations on winning the Rising Star Award and being granted the International Sterling designation! How does the accomplishment feel? 
I feel truly blessed to be recognized for such a Cinderella year! I am thankful for the opportunity to work with so many fantastic clients who have put their trust in me for the largest investment they will most likely make in their lives. Having the responsibility of a client’s life transition is such a rewarding and fulfilling experience and I am forever grateful.

Why are these awards special to you? 
Awards are amazing and I’m extremely grateful for them. However, what’s more special is seeing the excitement and sense of relief when a client closes on a house. I recently purchased my first home with my wife, and I remember how amazing it felt to have a place to call home. Being able to relive that on a weekly/monthly basis with my clients is a gift that I always appreciate and look forward to.

What would you say is the recipe for success in the real estate field?
Living and breathing the Golden Rule (do unto others as you would have others do unto you) is the only recipe for success. Embodying this rule day in and day out will always put you in the shoes of your leads, prospects, clients, friends, family and colleagues. With leads/prospects you don’t want to be too pushy, because I hate being hassled. I treat my clients with the same respect, communication, and professionalism I would expect from any vendor I was working with. Lastly, I make sure that I help everyone I know (family/friends/colleagues) with things other than real estate. When you go out of your way to help others, you will be remembered for your service, and in turn they will want to help you which usually means offering a referral.

What do you like most about working in the Colorado market?
I love the challenge! Every client, transaction and situation is different. In Denver, we have to be super creative when working on the buyer side. We are often competing in multiple offer situations, and have to go above and beyond to win the offer. That usually entails meeting the listing agent in person, learning what needs to happen to have a deal accepted and constructing offers that will be irresistible for the seller to accept. When working as a listing agent at Coldwell Banker we have an arsenal of tools and resources to give our clients the best possible exposure and the opportunity to achieve top dollar for their property. Anyone can put a sign in the yard, but it takes a real expert to market the property to the right demographic, at the right price and of course with a level of service and professionalism.

Other than selling properties, what is another passion of yours?
I am extremely passionate about service and giving back to the community. I am member of two charitable boards, I coach youth baseball, I am on the leadership committee for my alumni group (University of Dayton), and my wife and I play on a co-ed softball team. My wife and I enjoy boating, going to the movies, traveling and being with family and friends.

What makes living in Colorado a unique experience?
I grew up in Ohio, spent five years in California and ended up here in Colorado. This state has it all in my opinion: you have the Midwestern friendliness and the four distinct seasons similar to Ohio. Yet you have the activity and excitement that California offers. I truly feel blessed to call Colorado home!

To learn more about Dan DeBacco and his passion for real estate, visit debaccorealestate.com.