Who doesn’t love a delicious bowl of grain cereal? Oats, rice, and corn are a couple of the most popular grain cereals out there, but we have to say wheat, or shredded wheat to be exact, is our favorite type for a couple of reasons.

Shredded wheat is not only healthy and delicious, but it also has roots in Denver, which make us adore it even more.

The first enduring breakfast cereal was created in 1893 when Denver lawyer Henry Perky built and received a patent for a “Machine for the Preparation of Cereals for Food.”

His original intent was to sell his machines, but once he started experimenting with them by processing the wheat into strips and then forming them into pillow-like biscuits, he soon found out that the cereal biscuits were more popular and therefore more profitable than the machines themselves!

He then set up Cereal Machine Co., where he included a small bakery, a restaurant to serve them and a fleet of horse-drawn wagons from which to sell them door-to-door.

In 1901, Perky saw an opportunity to get inexpensive electrical power for baking and the natural draw of the popular tourist attraction Niagara Falls, N.Y., so he hired industrialist Edward Deeds, who had supervised the electrification of the National Cash Register Co., to build a plant there. By 1926, the “Home of Shredded Wheat” was in Niagara Falls, where the cereals and the Triscuit crackers were made.

And the rest is history…

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