Why just share a meal when you can share everything that goes into making one?

That’s the idea behind Uncorked Kitchen, a new venture by Chef Eric Robbins and his wife, Katie, slated to open this month at 8171 S. Chester St. in Centennial. Guests will practice basic to advanced kitchen skills using the freshest ingredients while expanding their knowledge of the latest food trends.

At Uncorked Kitchen, the Robbins want everyone to experience the laughter and special moments that happen before food ever hits the plate. Coaching, combined with a collaborative atmosphere, means that from foodies to newbies, Uncorked Kitchen’s innovative concept caters to everyone — no matter their level of culinary chops.

The combo cook and dine-in kitchens have a modern farmhouse feel and are equipped with top-notch kitchen gear that you’ll find in your own kitchen. All areas have roll-up garage doors with views of the mountains.

There are both adult and children’s programs. Kids learn how to cook, use kitchen tools safely, eat healthy and leverage those math, reading and science skills they’ve been working on in school. Adults can come alone, with friends or reserve a kitchen for a customized private cooking party. It’s also great for businesses wanting to host colleagues or clients to cook up some camaraderie.

Calling All Local Artists

A message from Uncorked Kitchen’s Facebook pageCalling all local artists. As we gear up for our grand opening we are looking for help outfitting our beautiful space with some equally amazing art. We are also looking for someone who might be interested in helping us create something beautiful out of all of these wine boxes! If you are interested in being a featured artist give us a shout out.